Uncanceled Finding Meaning and Peace in a Culture of Accusations, Shame, and Condemnation

By Phil Robertson

Win the War for Your Own Integrity


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After Phil Robertson quoted Scripture in an interview with a national magazine, his hit show, Duck Dynasty, put him on “indefinite hiatus.” Phil immediately knew what had happened: he had become a target of cancel culture.

Since that time, Phil has spoken out against public shaming, strategic campaigns to get Bible-believing employees fired, and other tactics that are wreaking havoc in our society. In a deeply divided country, with so many bent on condemning and silencing others, Phil calls for us to carry out the unifying message of Jesus Christ.

In Uncanceled, Phil shares his own experiences with cancel culture as he

encourages us to turn to Scripture as we navigate politics, personal conversations, and new cultural norms;
helps us see the psychological and political motivations behind silencing conservative voices;
reminds us that the goal is not to convince others to like us but to win the war for our own integrity by refusing to bow down to the god of political correctness; and
shows us how to trade retaliation for the love and forgiveness that God offers.
Uncanceled is a blueprint for standing up for the truth of Jesus Christ in a culture that has forgotten how to have respectful conversations. As Phil reminds us, when we embrace the truth that Jesus Christ already paid an enormous debt to cancel our sins, we find a path to redemption, a way to forgiveness, and a means for godly connection.

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