Love Outside the Lines Beyond the Boundaries of Race, Difference, and Preference

By Jimmy Rollins

Discover Jesus’ goals of togetherness, oneness, and unity in an increasingly divided world. When you learn to confront the areas in your heart that might not love as Jesus loved, you can help build a flourishing, Christ-like culture.


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Throughout His ministry on earth, Jesus intentionally sought relationship with the ostracized, the outcast, and the overlooked. He commissioned His disciples to do the same. This is a personal invitation for all of His followers to purposefully live beyond themselves and intentionally love beyond any preference that would draw visible or invisible lines of division. The beauty of our diverse culture should not prohibit the Great Commission; it should help us fulfill it.

In Love Outside the Lines, Jimmy Rollins explores the societal norms, cultural constrictions, generational assumptions, and ideologies that ultimately hinder unity in our world. Rich with story, biblical insights, and practical guidance, Jimmy helps us:

  • reroute the conversation of racial reconciliation first in our hearts and then in our relationships;
  • learn how to create proximity to break down barriers; and
  • embrace intentional detours in our paths so we can cultivate unity in a divided world.

As Jimmy beautifully shows us, when we confront our comfort-zone barriers and pursue life-giving relationships and honest dialogue, we create space for Christ to flourish in our homes, hearts, and communities.

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