God Knows When Your Worries and Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief

By Lisa Whittle

Life for all of us is difficult, disappointing, and, in many regards, uncertain. There is so much we simply cannot know or see. Only God truly knows all.


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Bible teacher Lisa Whittle writes reassuringly to those who are in pain or fatigue, seeking relief; afraid, seeking comfort; or desperate, seeking hope. Leaving our “worries and whys” with the omniscient God is our only path to true release and lastin rest.

With a gentle but no-nonsense tone and a heart firmly rooted in Scripture, Lisa walks us through common struggles and thoughtful reflection moments to examine how we can have confidence that God’s flawless knowledge is trustworthy. By learning to process our questions with both practical tools and a surrendered faith, we can experience:

  • Renewed hope in the future and the ability to dream again,
  • Release from what has been burdening you,
  • Relief in the reliability that God offers, and
  • Confidence in God’s perfect timing and sovereignty.

When we stop underestimating God’s powerful hand at work, we begin to understand how His omniscience affects our everyday lives and learn to live confidently in His presence–even when we can’t see what He is doing. One day, it will all be done, Lisa promises. Only God knows when. Until then, we can trust He is handling all the things we cannot.

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