Prepare for Anything Survival Manual Be a Survivor with These 338 Skills from Outdoor Life

By Tim MacWelch

Be ready for the worst.  How to survive modern dangers as explained by New York Times bestselling author Tim MacWelch.


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Author Tim MacWelch provides 338 tips, skills and lessons on how to anticipate, prepare for, and survive all that the modern world can throw at you. From simple examples such as starting fires to detailed advice on how to survive global viruses, Tim provides expert and practical advice that every American will need to navigate and survive the increasing dangers of today’s world.

Gear up: Learn where to begin, from correctly stocking and storing your food and water to buying the right gear for your area, as well as how to create the perfect Bug-Out Bag–and emergency plan–for any situation.

Get skilled: Fortune favors the prepared–and the multi-talented. When disaster strikes, will you know how to perform first air, defend your home and family, and remain self-reliant? Learn skills that will get you through everything from a power outage to a hurricane to the apocalypse.

Survive anything: If the worst happens…what happens next? Your survival, if you’ve read this book. You’ll learn how to handle everything from organizing a community and protecting your homestead to growing food, purifying water, and even making weapons.

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