Migration Nation Animals on the Go from Coast to Coast

By Joanne O'Sullivan

Pack your bags for a wild ride through rushing rivers, across frozen ice floss, and through stormy skies…from Mexico across the Great Plains, through Pacific waters, and as far north as the Arctic Circle. Your travel companions are some of North American’s most fascinating animals.


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Pack your bags and get ready to discover invisible superhighways for more than a dozen animals. These roads have no borders and no painted lines. They have no rules and no speed limits. We can’t see them, but animals know exactly where to go. Each year, these invisible roads are busy with traffic from wings, fins, hooves, pads, paws and bellies as animals travel to and from their seasonal homes.

Snakes may not have feet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take to the roads, slithering on their bellies from their winter dens to summer homes and back again. Antelope streak down their migration paths on legs designed for speed. American bison trek from higher to lower elevations Polar bears aren’t known for traveling long distances, but their migration is one of the world’s most amazing journeys!

Water looks calm on the surface, but underneath, animals are on the move. Just like land animals, sea creatures move with the seasons. California gray whales have the world’s longest migration! Each year, these gentle giants travel the entire North Pacific coast, from Alaska to Mexico, recreating a journey that their ancestors have taken for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of years.

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