A Celebration of the Household – The Classic Guide to Running Your Home Invaluable Advice On: Parenting, Gardening, Home Medicine, Etiquette and Manners, Cooking, Do-It-Yourself Projects Around the Home

By L. G. Abell

An essential reference guide for families, and the perfect gift for moms and dads.


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Any mother or father knows that keeping a household in order isn’t an easy task. One hundred years ago, families faced many of the same issues as we do today, as illustrated by this collection of tips and advice that bridges the gap between the antique and the contemporary.

In the mid-1800’s, Mrs. L. G. Abell compiled a document containing hundreds of skills, advice, and recipes for any woman wishing to run an efficient home. Broken up into sections on child-rearing, medicine, and general household recipes and tasks, her words provided countless families with the tools and know-how they needed to effectively run a home.

Times have changed a bit, but Abell’s advice, based on years of experience and trial and error, holds up well, including such basics as grocery shopping, cures for common illnesses, cleanliness and proper etiquette, and more. In this new edition, one hundred color photographs adorn this book, bringing it into the twenty-first century and making it an indispensable gift for any mother or father.


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