Inspired by the Word The Bible Through the Eyes of the Great Masters

By Dr. J. Sage Elwell


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Throughout history, the great stories and heroes of the Bible have been depicted in art–drawn on walls, carved in stones, stitched into tapestries, or painted on canvases that decorated homes or churches. No other book has inspired and influenced such creativity and beauty.

This fascinating collection represents nearly two thousand years of beautiful art inspired by the words of one timeless book. Each of the sixty works of art not only illustrates a Bible story, but often serves as a commentary on the time and society in which it was created. Information about the artists as well as the biblical passage depicted is included.

The art in this collection ranges from a beautifully carved fourth century sarcophagus to a twentieth century painting by Salvador Dali. Explore many of the great masters, like Rubens, Bernini, Botticelli, and Rembrandt, as well as lesser known artists whose works captivate and intrigue.

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