Balance Positioning Yourself To Do All Things Well

By Touré Roberts

Chart your path to productivity, peace, positivity, purpose, and unlimited possibilities.


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Living in Balance is the longing of each human heart. But as Touré Roberts knows, traditional techniques of time management and organization rarely attack the core issues at stake. As an author, speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, and lead pastor of a large congregation in the United States–not to mention as a devoted husband and dedicated father of six–Roberts knows that merely juggling responsibilities is not the answer. In this book, he reveals that the past to true Balance prioritizes self and meets the unique, deep internal needs of the individual first. “Balance is about knowing and becoming your entire self–and then giving from your wholeness to everyone and everything within the context of your life.”

Game-changing chapters include:

  • The Power of No, which unpacks why no is the most powerful word in your vocabulary
  • There’s No Team in I, am exploration of the difference between being selfish and the transformation quality of what Roberts calls being “self-ful”
  • Five Signs of Imbalance, which helps you quickly identify imbalances in your life and effectively respond before crisis hits
  •  Balance after the Blow, a step-by-step guide to get you back on your feet after experiencing an unexpected setback

You’ll walk away from this paradigm-shifting book with powerful principles, tools, and prompts for self-evaluation.

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