Celtic Myths

By Jake Jackson

Myths, legends, folk tales and stories from around the world.


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Despite not belonging to a geographically unified race, the Celts left a rich legacy of myths, legends, customs and folklore, which are among the oldest and most enduring in Europe. Populated by gods, High Kings, wilful Queens, noble warriors, fairies, giants and witches, the Celtic myths are unsurpassed in their variety and power. This new book is a dazzling collection of the most gripping Celtic tales, vividly retold, gathering together the legends and sagas of this ancient culture in a tribute to the heroism, romance and mystery of the Celtic people.

Part of the new series on The World’s Greatest Myths and Legends, these books capture the mystery and drama of ancient legends through all the key stories and folktales featuring gods, heroes, monsters and animals, as well as common themes such as creation, love, death and courage. Each book features an introduction to the history, landscape, characters and culture of the mythology.

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