Chinese Myths

By Jake Jackson

Myths, legends, folk tales and stories from around the world.


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Ancient and mysterious, the Chinese mythological tradition has furnished us with an extensive catalogue of tales. Unlike many other cultures, the Chinese did not believe in a main pantheon of gods, but rather identified hundreds of deities, all associated with various aspects of the cosmos. The mythology and folk tales of China are full of wondrous creatures from dragons and phoenixes, to giants and fairies, as well as powerful stories featuring mortal heroes, gods and devils. Many of these legends are retold and their origins explored in this marvelous and informative new book.

Part of a series on The World’s Greatest Myths and Legends, these books capture the mystery and drama of ancient legends through all the key stories and folk tales featuring gods, heroes, monsters and animals, as well as common themes such as creation, love, death and courage. Each book features an introduction to the history, landscape, characters and culture of the mythology.

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