The Unexpected Light of Thomas Alva Edison

By Raymond Arroyo

From New York Times bestselling author and news anchor Raymond Arroyo comes the first book in the Turnabout Tales series—a picture book biography of one of America’s most famous inventors, Thomas Alva Edison, and a story about never giving up.


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Before Thomas Alva Edison became one of the world’s greatest inventors, he was a smart, curious kid who loved to figure things out–just like you! But did you know that when he was seven years old, young “Al,” as he was known then, was thrown out of school? His teacher claimed he couldn’t be taught. In this groundbreaking Turnabout Tale, Raymond Arroyo captures the story of how a mother’s love and dedication fired her son’s imagination and turned Thomas Edison into one of the most unexpected, brightest, and innovative lights of our time.

Each book in the Turnabout Tales collection captures hidden, pivotal moments that define some of history’s greatest men and women–revealing lessons for a new generation.

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