The Ultimate Book of Space

By Claudia Martin

Get the lowdown on every planet in our Solar System, and find out about the Universe beyond them, with this extraordinary, eye-opening guide to space. This meticulously researched project brings the most up-to-date data to life with clarity, passion, and intelligence.


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Young readers can take a space walk through the marvels of the universe with this definitive hardcover reference guide, beautifully illustrated in full-color.

From the power of gravity to the moons of Jupiter and the mystery of dark matter, this book unveils the awe-inspiring science of the cosmos. Beautifully realized, bespoke artworks and images from the most powerful space telescopes reveal extraordinary vistas of the other planets, distant stars, and spiraling galaxies.

The book supports STEM learning as complex ideas are made simple by clear, easy-to-understand diagrams, fact-packed feature boxes, and ingenious infographics.

A fantastic book for children aged 8+.

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