The Time Machine and Other Stories Includes Eleven Stories by H. G. Wells

By H. G. Wells


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H. G. Wells’ first novel, The Time Machine, is rightly held to be one of the classic works of science fiction. In this fascinating collection, it is accompanied by a selection of Well’s most entertaining short stories.

Including ‘The Stolen Bacillus’, a timely warning of the dangers of science, and ‘The Country of the Blind’, which brilliantly captures life in a strange world, this fine assortment showcases the enigmatic mind of one of Britain’s most talented writers. Wells’ tales are as powerful and meaningful today as when they were first published more than a century ago.

Stories include:

  • The Time Machine
  • The Empire of the Ants
  • The Cone
  • The Lord of the Dynamos
  • The Country of the Blind
  • The Stolen Bacillus
  • The Door in the Wall
  • The Sea Raiders
  • The Plattner Story
  • In the Avu Observatory
  • The Land Ironclads

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