The Lion of Rora Volume 2

By Christos Gage, Ruth Fletcher Gage & Jackie Lewis

In the tradition of Braveheart and 300 comes The Lion of Rora—the true story of Joshua Janavel, farmer-turned-freedom fighter, who Napoleon called history’s greatest military tactician.


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Celebrated in verse by John Milton, Janavel and his fellow Waldensians battled to save their people from tyranny and persecution, the first case in European history in which subjects of a ruler rebelled to defend their religious freedom. Their fight inspired the Protestant Reformation and, in turn, the American Revolution. Written by New York Times betselling author Christos Gage (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and television and film writer Ruth Fletcher Gage (Netflix’s Daredevil, Law & Order: SVU), and featuring evocative art by Jackie Lewis, this painstakingly researched graphic novel chronicles the epic struggle over faith, freedom, and family.

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