Wheels Within Wheels, Secret Warriors Volume 6

By Jonathan Hickman & Alessandro Vitti

Check out the sixth volume in the Secret Warriors series.


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Summoned to the Brotherhood of the Shield’s labyrinthine domain in 1961, Nick Fury, Baron Strucker and nine others learned of the Great Wheel – upon which turned the fate of the world. Would they play their parts as their host, Aries, requested? Would they keep centuries old secrets and guard against betrayals? Would they help shield – and in so doing, themselves? In the present, Nick Fury stands over his son Mikel’s grave and wonders if it was all worth it. Assembling his Secret Warriors, losing his howling commandos, destroying the leviathan – what is the meaning of war when you’ve outlived all those you sent into battle? While Fury mourns, Hydra’s Kraken advances his plans to wipe all other players off the board. Baron Strucker is already his captive, and a distraught Fury is next!

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