The Last Human

By Lee Bacon

A robot who has never questioned the rules, a human who shouldn’t exist, and a journey that will change everything…


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In a future not too far from our own, robots have eliminated humans. And twelve-year-old robot XR_935 is just fine with that. Without humans, there’s no war, no pollution, no crime. Every member of society has a purpose, and everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Until the day that XR discovers something impossible: a human girl named Emma. Its whole life, XR had been told humans were evil and that the world was better without them. But Emma doesn’t seem evil–she seems scared. And she needs its help.

Now, XR must embark on a dangerous voyage with Emma and two other robots to bring her safely to a mysterious point on a map. But how will they survive in a place where rules are never broken and humans aren’t even supposed to exist?

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