The House on Hoarder Hill

By Mikki Lish & Kelly Ngai

When Hedy and Spencer start receiving messages on dusty picture frames, vacation at their grandfather’s spooky house turns into a mission to solve the mystery of their grandmother’s disappearance. Magical, gutsy, and spooky, this is a story about a family mystery with a pair of brave siblings at its heart.


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Dare you enter the House on Hoarder Hill?

When Hedy and Spencer start receiving messages on dusty picture frames, a visit to their grandfather’s eerie old house turns into something much more sinister. Hidden in the labyrinth of their grandfather’s belongings are the clues to solving their family’s biggest mystery: the disappearance of their Grandma Rose. But what is their grandfather not telling them?

As their curiosity leads them into the forbidden rooms of the house, Hedy and Spencer will unravel a dangerous web of secrets and lies about their grandfather’s past as a magician. Soon, they will discover that, like Grandpa himself, the house possesses not only secrets, but also real magic. With the help of a talking mounted stag head, a bearskin rug, and other disembodied spirits, Hedy and Spencer will set out to piece together the mystery.

Searching for clues will unveil long forgotten enchantments, surprising foes, and a few unexpected friends. Because in the house of a magician, you never know what-or who-you will find.

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