The Backyard Animal Show Book 5 Clubhouse Mysteries Book 5

By Sharon M. Draper

In this fifth book of the classic chapter book series by award-winning author Sharon M. Draper, four boys who call themselves the Black Dinosaurs get up close and personal with the pets of the neighborhood.


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Ziggy, Rashawn, Jerome, and Rico are excited to watch the heavy machinery at the construction site for a new apartment complex-until a doe is killed by a dump truck, and the boys rescue her orphaned fawn. Suddenly they realize what the destruction of their habitat means to the animals in the area.

Inspired, the boys decide to stage a neighborhood animal show to raise money for the local wildlife rescue center, with the adorable fawn they’ve named Dino as the star attraction. After all, they’ve managed to feed and clean up after Dino around the clock; how much trouble can their friends’ cats, dogs, and hamsters be?

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