Mighty Meg 4 Books in 1 The Magical Ring - The Accidental Nemesis - The Melting Menace - The Super Disguise

By Sammy Griffin

Meg’s life is turned upside down when a magical ring gives her superpowers! Join Meg as she learns how to use her new powers and finds the courage to be the hero her town needs in this super four-book collection!


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This four-book collection is sure to be a hit with any young reader. Filled with superpowers, action, and friendship, this series follows Meg as she uses her superpowers to protect the people of her town. Combining the first four books in the series, Mighty Meg and the Magical Ring, Mighty Meg and the Melting Menace, Mighty Meg and the Accidental Nemesis, and Mighty Meg and the Super Disguise, kids will love being able to read book after book without waiting.

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