Reinventing Retirement 389 Bright Ideas about Family, Friends, Health, What to Do, and Where to Live

By Miriam Goodman


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Most people look forward to retirement for years, and many of us spend so much time focused on financial preparation that it’s easy to forget that this monumental life shift also affects emotions, health, marriage, and family, in reality, retirement is among the biggest life changes a person can go through, and it’s important to thoughtfully plan for how you’ll spend these years so that they are truly enjoyable. Baby boomers have always put their own stamp on life’s passages, so why should retirement be any different? Don’t play golf? No problem! These days there are more retirement lifestyles than ever before. Reinventing Retirement is a guide to diverse options, and will help you decide how best to create a happy, fulfilling, and active retirement–the one that’s right for you.

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