Home for Christmas

By Courtney Cole

From New York Times bestselling author Courtney Cole, the magic of the Christmas season sends a woman back in time to the 1940s where she meets her own grandmother and learns the true meaning of family and the holiday.


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Piper McCauley doesn’t know which way is up or down. Her gran, her last remaining family, died two weeks before Christmas, leaving Piper to reevaluate her life. Does she really want to stay chained to the family business just to hang on to this old house? She doesn’t care that her great-great-great-grandpa built it with his own hands. How can she make huge life decisions if she’s never even been outside of Alaska?

She needs to leave the snowy wilderness that’s her backyard and see the world, and since her gran left her a battered old compass, Piper takes this as a secret message from her beloved grandmother to follow her heart.

But before she is even a foot outside the door, Piper finds herself caught in a blizzard and wakes up in the original home that her ancestors had built, in 1945–a time when her gran was just a girl Piper’s age. Once she has gotten over the shock, Piper has the joy of getting to know her grandmother in a whole new way, a way that sheds light on everything Piper has come to know and not know about her own past.

Over the course of one magical holiday season, Piper must go on a journey through time to learn the meaning of real love, home, and how a family legacy can connect one another forever.

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