Greek & Roman Myths

By Jake Jackson

Myths, legends, folk tales and stories from around the world.


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The classic gods of Rome uncoiled from the fertile imaginations of the ancient Greeks whose gods were passionate and violent, jealous of their powers and subject to both mighty outbursts of love and all-consuming bouts of vengeful war. These gods would constantly meddle in mortal affairs, taking sides and making things happen for their own amusement. Tales of epic wars sat alongside folk tales involving heroes and nymphs, enchantment and trickery, all influencing the resourceful and emerging tradition of fabulous tales that are retold in this new book.

Part of a new series on The World’s Greatest Myths and Legends, these books capture the mystery and drama of ancient legends through all the key stories and folk tales featuring gods, heroes, monsters and animals, as well as common themes such as creation, love, death and courage. Each book features an introduction to the history, landscape, characters and culture of the mythology.

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