Magic Bone Follow that Furball Book 3 Magic Bone Book 3

By Nancy Krulik

Momma Mia! Sparky is off to Rome, where there’s lots of spaghetti and sausage and meatballs. It’s the coolest city he’s seen yet, until he realizes…it’s full of cats! And one of them has his bone! Sparky must splash across Trevi Fountain, race through the Colosseum, and dodge crazy Roman traffic to win back his bone and make it home again.


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Sparky, the cute, loveable sheepdog puppy, is off to Rome! Upon his arrival, he buries his bone and begins to explore the city. He wanders into the Largo di Torre Argentina–the coolest place he’s seen yet. Until he notices…it’s filled with cats! And one of them has his bone! Sparky must chase two conniving cats around Trevi Fountain, through the Borghese Gardens, and into the Colosseum to try to get his bone back. Will he be able to outsmart the cats, or will he have to stay in Rome forever?

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