Eyewitness to History From Ancient Times to the Modern Era

By National Geographic

Entertaining and informative for history lovers of all ages, this unusual book highlights important links and lessons for today’s world.


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From the long influence of the Greeks to the surprising developments of the so-called Dark Ages…from the dawn of the Renaissance to the surge of the modern era…Eyewitness to History tells the world’s story through the highs and lows of ordinary and extraordinary people, as voiced in their own powerful words. This innovative, intimate, and splendidly visual transport into past eras bursts with primary source material–quotations, letters, documents, poetry, art, maps, songs, and more–to create an irresistibly rich reflection of world events.

Each chapter features a milestone document such as the Code of Hammurabi, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, and On The Origin of Species, with commentary on its authors., historical context, and continuing relevance. Everyday writings take on importance as well, revealing how people experienced and influenced their times. Additionally, the text considers how history has treated individuals–for example, why the name Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon live on, while others have slipped into the shadowy depths of time.

Throughout the journey, hundreds of eye-catching illustrations spotlight tangible pieces of the past, revealing intriguing artifacts and showcasing how these remnants mesh into the great tapestry. Special features of the book emphasize key dates, connections, and essential knowledge.

From the most powerful leader to the least-known soldier or laborer or pioneer, every voice in this affecting chronicle rings personal and true–reminding us that history is, at its core, a human story that catches us all in its adventure.

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