True Crime: New York City The City's Most Notorious Criminal Cases

By Bryan Ethier


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In New York City, crime is big-big in newspaper headlines, big to politicians who win and lose jobs because of a flux in crime, and big in the lore of the city itself. True Crime: New York City examines crime in the Big Apple and explores the landmark cases that have had not only a critical impact on the city, but on the entire country as a whole.

Included here are the stories of the sixteen-year terrorism of the Mad Bomber, the fatal public stabbing of Kitty Genovese that led to investigation into the bystander effect, the Son of Sam serial killings, the assassination of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman, the overthrow of Gambino family crime boss Paul Castellano by John Gotti, and the murder of Jennifer Levin in Central Park by the Preppie Killer, Robert Chambers Jr. These are the factual accounts of the cold-blooded killers, mobsters, and psychopaths who shocked a nation.

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