Big Trouble Ahead A Real Plan for Flourishing in a Time of Fear and Deception

By Allen Jackson

Join Pastor Allen Jackson as he reveals a biblical perspective on the startling events unfolding in our nation and shows us how we can hold onto everlasting hope and flourish, even in the midst of the chaos.


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Hang on to hope. God is at work. Living in a time of global uncertainty, economic instability, and extreme political division has left us feeling weary and discouraged. But God has not abandoned His people or His purpose.

In Big Trouble Ahead pastor Allen Jackson reminds us that even when the world around us is shaking, God’s kingdom remains unshakeable. As Christians we can hold tight to the gospel and decipher the gathering storm clouds through the lens of Scripture. As you join Jackson in exploring recent world events in light of biblical and historical realities, you will

  • realize you can flourish even during these trying times;
  • see that you are part of the Church standing strong in the face of persecution;
  • respond to the news, social media, and friends with confidence, peace, and truth;
  • be encouraged that nothing–not pandemics or climate change or political conflict–can separate us from God’s love.

No matter the timing and sequence of the last days of the earth, these are our last days. In a time of deception and confusion, Big Trouble Ahead gives you a sound, biblical perspective to know what is true–and what truly matters.

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