A Dog’s Purpose & A Dog’s Journey 2 Book Set Books 1 & 2 of A Dog's Purpose Series

By W. Bruce Cameron

Two New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels together at last, W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey–a perfect gift for everyone who’s ever loved a dog.


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This is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives. More than just another charming dog story, W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose touches on the universal quest for an answer to life’s most basic question: Why are we here?

A Dog’s Purpose

Heartwarming, insightful, and often laugh-out-loud funny, A Dog’s Purpose is not only the emotional and hilarious story of a dog’s many lives, but also a dog’s-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man’s best friend. This moving and beautifully crafted story teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on earth is born with a purpose.

A Dog’s Journey

When Buddy is reborn in A Dog’s Journey, he realizes that he has a new destiny. He’s overjoyed when he is adopted by a vibrant but troubled teenager. When they are suddenly separated, Buddy despairs―who will take care of his girl? A charming and heartwarming story of hope, love, and unending devotion, A Dog’s Journey asks the question: Do we really take care of our pets, or do they take care of us?

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