You Look So Much Better In Person True Stories of Absurdity and Success

By Al Roker

Today co-anchor Al Roker presents an entertaining guide to achieving a life of happiness and success through the power of “yes!”


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These days, the road to success can feel jampacked with scheduling, networking, nonstop hustle, and flat-out absurdity. And no one knows that better than Al Roker—beloved cohost of The Today Show, weatherperson extraordinaire, and the man we all secretly wish we could turn to for wisdom and wisecracks in our everyday lives. From his college days as a polyester suit-clad weather forecaster in Syracuse to battling and buttering up the “Butter Man” during the legendary Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Al has learned worthwhile lessons over a long, successful career. And now, for the first time, Al is ready to unleash savvy advice on how to embrace happiness and the power of saying “yes,” alongside a host of humorous tips and tricks about how to succeed in life.

In You Look So Much Better in Person, Al teaches us how we can weather the storm of life, no matter how torrential the downpour, and shares anecdotes from his own treasure trove of memories in the spotlight. And it hasn’t always been easy—believe it or not, even Al has been yelled at by his boss, suffered an emotional breakdown at work, and been told he’d be better suited in another position. Within these pages, he looks back on his own career and shares valuable “Altruisms” that can be applied to our own endeavors, such as how to:

Navigate the special hell that is socializing
Craft the perfect comeback line during a confrontation—and know when to use it
Get up early and actually make the most of your time
Cry at work without freaking people out
And much, much more!
Packed to the brim with cackle-inducing and cringeworthy behind-the-scenes insights and observations from over four decades in the media, this book reminds us all that long-term success in our personal lives and our careers is just within reach. You Look So Much Better in Person will leave you laughing out loud, inspired, and comforted during life’s best and worst moments.

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