When Christmas Comes Book 20 Book 20 of Cape Lights Series

By Thomas Kinkade

Christmas brings big changes to the Inn on Angel Island…and for the Warwick family in Cape Light, secrets long hidden must be revealed.


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Liza Merritt is grateful for the many blessings in her life when she returns to Angel Island with her family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Most of all, she’s looking forward to a reunion with her dear friend Claire North. Claire seems untouched by the years she’s spent faithfully watching over Liza’s inn. Still, it is troubling to see that the hotel is no longer the sparkling jewel it once was. It’s a hard truth to face, but big decisions must be made. Is this the last Christmas they will all be together?

In Cape Light village, Emily Warwick and her sister, Jessica Morgan, cheerfully plan a surprise party for Ezra Elliot’s ninety-fifth birthday. Ezra is so dear to his family, and everyone in town wants to honor the kind and generous doctor. But in the midst of their happy plans, Emily faces an unexpected challenge. It’s one that will test her moral courage and her bond with her adopted daughter, Jane. By the time Christmas comes, Emily must decide if she should reveal a secret that will forever alter the lives of everyone she loves.

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