What to Expect Eating Well When You’re Expecting The Complete Pregnancy Eating Plan 2nd Edition

By Heidi Murkoff

Eating for two that’s tasty, easy, and good for you both. Everything you need to know to feed yourself and your baby. Packed with practical tips and realistic strategies.


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This brand new edition of America’s pregnancy food bible covers it all through those nine months of baby-making and beyond: the latest facts on superfoods, food trends, food safety. Foods to chow down on, foods (and drinks) to limit, and those to cut out altogether. Realistic, body-positive advice and savvy strategies on how to eat well when you’re too green to come face-to-fork with broccoli. Or too bloated to eat at all. Or on the run. Or on the job. Whether you’re a red-meat eater or a vegan, a carb craver or a gluten-free girl, a fast-foodie or a slow cooker. Whether you’re hungry for nutritional facts (which vitamins and minerals the pregnant body needs and where to find them), or just plain hungry. Plus, how to put it all together, easily and tastily, with dozens of practical tips and 170 recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious, as easy to love as they are to make.

Answers to all questions:
Do I have to skip my morning latte––or afternoon energy drink?
I’m too sick to look at a salad, never mind eat one––do I have to?
How do I get enough calcium if I’m lactose intolerant?
Help! I’m entering my second trimester, and I’m losing weight, not gaining. What can I do?
I’ve never been a big water drinker, and now I’m supposed to down 10 8-ounce glasses a day! How?
Turns out it’s twins––do I have to eat twice as much?

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