Ultimate Bodypedia

By Christina Wilsdon

An amazing inside-out tour of the human body!


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Ultimate Bodypedia is more that just a book about the human body–it’s a journey through the organs that work hard for you every day and a guidebook to understanding everything that makes you unique.

From the familiar parts of your body–your hands and your muscles–to things you may not eve know existed–the chemicals in your brain and the millions of bacteria on the surface of your skin–there are facts for each and every bit of your body.
Get a colorful, detailed look at your body and exactly what’s inside you with action photos plus diagrams that illustrate all the systems of your body, from your remarkable respiratory system to your diligent digestive tract.

Learn everything from what happens to your skin when you get a scrape or a bruise, to how to keep your body running smoothly as you get older. Ultimate Bodypedia has it all!

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