Two for the Road: Full Tilt & Full Speed 2 Books in 1 Books 2 & 3 Book 2 & 3 of Full Series

By Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes

Two hilarious, fast-and-furious novels about love in the fast lane.


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Full Tilt
Jamie Swift has one priority in quiet Beaumont, South Carolina: running the local newspaper. Romance runs second. But with the arrival of her silent partner, the notoriously mysterious and sexy Maximillian Holt, Jamie is taken for a ride on the wild side…and finds herself in the midst of a news story involving two assassins, a washed-up stripper, and an insane poacher. Between a spray of bullets and a fast getaway, could it get any more romantic―or dangerous?

Full Speed
Jamie is chasing the story of a lifetime―even if Max is in her way. What follows is a headline-making, hair-raising adventure with a millionaire playboy, a corrupt minister, a gang of mobsters on the loose, a hound dog called Fleas, a wise-cracking computer genius, and, lo and behold, lots of heated arguments and steamy action between Jamie and Max.

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