Thomas Kinkade’s Cape Light: One Bright Christmas Book 21 Book 21 of Cape Light Series

By Katherine Spencer

Christmas brings surprises–and new chances for love.


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When Lauren Willoughby returns to Cape Light for the holidays, she’s hardly feeling festive. Although her family views her as a sharp, successful New York attorney, she’s come home to heal from a bad breakup and a career setback. While freelancing for a local law firm, Lauren meets Cole McGuire, a widower and a single father, who’s as difficult to deal with as he is attractive. His sweet daughter, Phoebe, is instantly drawn to Lauren’s whimsical side, and Cole’s reserve is soon worn down by her straight-talking charm. Lauren knows she’s falling hard for this handsome, enigmatic man and his adorable little girl but worries that the attachment can only lead to heartache. For Phoebe’s sake, Cole is committed to a quiet country life, while Lauren is a city girl, determined to return to the bright lights to make her mark.

Meanwhile, a movie crew has come to Cape Light, and the entire town is starstruck. Everyone except Lucy Bates, who harbors a secret about the film’s star, Craig Hamilton. One magical summer long ago, they met at the village theater and fell in love. Despite their big plans and promises, Craig broke her heart. They never spoke again, and she’s certainly never forgiven him. Yet, for some uncanny reason, he’s appeared out of the blue. Will she accept this chance to sort out their painful past–or forever regret it?

And Lillian Warwick-Elliot’s dismay, one chilly night her husband, Ezra, takes in a scruffy dog. Lillian is determined to pass the stray to a more “suitable” family. But at what cost to her marriage and Ezra’s devotion? With Christmas nearly here, can the good folks of Cape Light open their hearts to forgiveness and love?

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