This is the Fire *Large Print* What I Say to My Friends About Racism

By Don Lemon

Don Lemon brings his vast audience and experience as a reporter and a Black man to today’s most urgent question: How can we end racism in America in our lifetimes?


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The host of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon is more popular than ever. As America’s only Black prime-time anchor, Lemon and his daily monologues on racism and antiracism, on the failures of our political leaders, and on America’s systemic flaws speak for his millions of fans. Now, in an urgent, intensely personal, riveting plea, he shows us all how deep our problems lie, and what we can do to begin to fix them.

Beginning with a letter to one of his Black nephews, Lemon proceeds with reporting and reflections on his slave ancestors; his upbringing in the shadows of segregation; the racism inherent in our culture’s messaging, from movies to monuments; and the power of economics to uphold-or help overthrow-racism. In doing so, he offers a searing and poetic ultimatum to America. He visits the slave port where a direct ancestor was shackled and shipped to America. He recounts a slave uprising in Louisiana, just a few miles from his birthplace. And he talks about what we can do to make America a more perfect union. We are in the fire, and we must use it to reduce injustice to ash.

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