The Vision of His Glory

By Anne Graham Lotz

With a focus on Jesus Christ, Anne Graham Lotz brings clarity and understanding to the book of Revelation.


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Find hope through the revelation of Jesus Christ! If you have never read the book of Revelation, or you tried to read it sometime in the past but lost your way or grew weary, this book will guide you to a new understanding of the vision of Christ’s glory.

With skilled teaching, an inspiring sense of wonder, practical insight, and heart-touching parables, Anne Graham Lotz brings clarity to the glorious pageantry and imagery of the book of Revelation. Sharing her passion for God’s Word, she will lead you step by step through John’s eyewitness account of God’s plan for our future. The Vision of His Glory brings you to an intimate encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, our one Source of true, life-changing hope.

This edition also contains an in-depth devotional guide to help you explore the book of Revelation in a personal and practical way, either on your own or in a group. You’ll find inspiration and clarity as you study the Scriptures more closely and record your reflections in the space provided at the back of the book.

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