The Ultimate Book of the Human Body

By Claudia Martin

Find out how the human body works in this extraordinary, eye-opening encyclopedia.


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Why do your muscles burn when you exercise hard? Where does the brain store memories? How does the immune system work? Where are blood cells made? The Ultimate Book of the Human Body puts the answers to all these questions–and many more–at your fingertips. Packed with breath-taking medical photography, dozens of ingenious diagrams, and concise, easy-to-follow text, it’s the definitive directory of human biology–from bones and muscles to the brain. Learn how hard your heart works, why you sleep, and what happens when you eat. This is the perfect explorer’s guide to discovering the living marvel that is you! This meticulously researched project brings together cutting-edge knowledge, awe-inspiring ideas, and stunning medical photography to give a deep understanding of human biology. Discover the astonishing way your body systems work together so you can keep your balance, catch a ball, feel love or hate–and even read this book.

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