The Sapphire Princess Meets a Monster Book 2 Jewel Kingdom Book 2 - Includes Sparkly Stickers

By Jahnna N. Malcolm

Four girls are about to become princesses! But can they keep their kingdom safe? Read to find out– and collect the full sheet of sparkly holographic stickers in every book!


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In the Jewel Kingdom, four girls rule: Roxanne is the Ruby Princess, Sabrina is the Sapphire Princess, Emily is the Emerald Princess, and Demetra is the Diamond Princess.Sabrina the Sapphire Princess rules the beautiful Blue Lake. Her palace floats on top of the water like a magical lily pad. But does something dangerous lurk beneath the peaceful lake? Sabrina is determined to keep her people safe — even if she has to come face-to-face with a monster!A full sheet of holographic stickers in every book!

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