The Recovery Agent Book 1 Book 1 of Gabriela Rose

By Janet Evanovich

“Prepare for twists, action, and one of the best books of the year” (Mystery and Suspense Magazine) with this new blockbuster series that blends wild adventure, hugely appealing characters, and pitch-perfect humor from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich.


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Lost something? Gabriela Rose knows how to get it back. She’s hired by people seeking lost treasures, stolen heirlooms, or missing assets of any kind. She’s reliable, cool under pressure, and well trained in weapons of all types. Gabriela’s latest job is for her own family, whose home is going to be wiped off the map if they can’t come up with a lot of money fast.

Inspired by a family legend, Gabriela sets off for the jungles of Peru in pursuit of a fabled treasure that’s been lost for centuries. Unfortunately, Gabriela’s ex-husband, Rafer, has the map that points the way to the treasure, and he’s not about to let Gabriela find it without him. He has a lifetime’s experience in getting under his ex-wife’s skin, but when they aren’t bickering about old times, the two make a formidable team. It’s going to take all they’ve got to defeat the vicious drug lord who also has been hunting for the treasure–and he doesn’t mind leaving a large body count behind him to get it.

The Recovery Agent marks the start of a irresistible new series that will have you cheering for the unstoppable Gabriela Rose on every page.

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