The Paw House

By Megan Rix

Mackenzie is a three-legged Border collie with a difficult past and a big heart. Hamish is spending his summer holiday in the Scottish Highlands, at the animal sanctuary where Mackenzie lives. Can the Animals save their home before it’s too late?


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Hamish’s summer isn’t going as planned. First, his parents left him to go on a business trip to Japan, and now he’s found himself stuck in the Scottish Highlands with an aunt he’s never met, a grumpy girl called Izzy, and a lot of animals. He’s never even stroked a dog – what on earth is he supposed to do here? Before long Hamish finds himself taking the dogs for walks, adopting a piglet, even rescuing a tiny puppy in the dead of night. But something’s not right: Aunt Helen is worried about the future of the sanctuary, and with more animals in need arriving every day, something’s got to be done before they lose their home forever. With the help of some unexpected new friends, can Hamish save the animals and turn the fate of the Paw House around?

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