The Most Beautiful My Life with Prince

By Mayte Garcia

The Most Beautiful reveals the inner world of Prince: a life as gorgeous, strange, and surprising as the music it inspired.


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Prince is revered not only for his remarkable music, but also for his enigmatic and mysterious public image. Few knew him intimately. Arguably, no one knew him better than Mayte Garcia: the New Power Generation’s fiery solo dancer, Prince’s first wife, longtime muse, and mother of his only child. In The Most Beautiful, Mayte for the first time shares the powerful story of their life together.

From the moment they met backstage at a concert, the two shared a unique connection. She was a teenage belly dancing prodigy. He was an internationally renowned superstar. Their long-distance friendship evolved into an artistic romance. She learned to pick up his cues about what to wear, how to do her hair, and how to act to be his perfect mate–after all, every aspect of Prince’s life was like a work of art, at least from the outside. Their fairytale wedding seemed to set the stage for a perfect life revolving around the unimaginable losses that would ultimately tear them apart.

With humor and compassion, she reflects on the difficult childhood memories they shared, the otherworldly connection that brought them together, and the complicated relationship that endured years of relentless (but joyous) touring. Mayte’s perch inside the private star’s world offered her a perspective ono the man and his genius unlike any other that has been–or will be–heard. While their legendary romance ultimately ended in tragedy, the bond between the two of them remained. In the end, The Most Beautiful is a story about how love and hope can transcend anything, even death.

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