The Magnificent Migration On Safari with Africa's Last Great Herds

By Sy Montgomery

With her signature lyrical prose and an abundance of truly astounding facts, Montgomery makes a journey of thousands of miles fly by–but not without leaving its mark.


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Join Sibert medalist Sy Montgomery on a staggering, emotional journey as she provides a you-are-there, minute-by-minute, up-close-and-personal narrative of the greatest land migration on planet earth: that of the wildebeest crossing the Serengeti. As Montgomery travels with the world’s top expert on wildebeests, Dr. Richard Estes, she explores the mystery and wonder of migration, while detailing the many ways–both massive and minute–that the wildebeest interacts with other animals int he Serengeti, the environment, and even humans. Along the way, additional migrations that stagger are spotlighted, such as those of arctic terns, Christmas Island red crabs, and monarch butterflies.

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