The Lighthouse Effect How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World

By Steve Pemberton

In this stirring follow-up to his memoir, Steve Pemberton gives practical encouragement for how you can be a “human lighthouse” for others and through these inspiring stories will renew your hope for humanity.


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The lighthouse signals more than the beginning or the end of the voyage; it’s a guide for how we should live along the way. You already have everything you need to be a human lighthouse.

In his stirring memoir, A Chance in the World, Steve Pemberton shared his story of finding security and love after a painful childhood. One of the “human lighthouses” who guided his way was an ordinary man named John Sykes, Steve’s former high school counselor. John gave Steve a safe harbor after Steve escaped his cruel foster home. Then together they navigated a new path that led to personal and professional success.

Now, in The Lighthouse Effect, Steve shares stories of people like John–people who not only change others’ lives but change the world. As Steve writes, “the lighthouse has but one mission: to protect the journey of the traveler.” Discover what motivates these heroes when all seems lost, what gives them compassion toward people on the outskirts of society, and what lessons we learn from their impact.

Steve’s engaging storytelling invites you to reflect on your own story: the lighthouses who dreamed your dreams with you, the quiet words and actions that lit your path, and the capacity you now have to be a lighthouse yourself, ready to guide–even on the darkest nights–those who are searching for sanctuary.

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