The Classic H. G. Wells Collection 5 Book Set

By H. G. Wells

The First Men in the Moon – The War of the Worlds – The Invisible Man – The Island of Doctor Moreau – The Time Machine and Other Stories


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This handsome box set brings together the most celebrated works of H.G. Wells, presented in five paperback volumes with striking contemporary cover designs.

H.G. Wells was a pioneer of the science fiction genre and a man of boundless imagination. Whether describing marvelous new technologies, the vagaries of space flight or the risks of scientific development, his writings have continually captivated readers across the globe.

Complete and unabridged, each of these stories marries exciting adventure with a poignant probing of scientific progress and its dangers – a signature combination of H.G. Wells which marks him as a true master of science-fiction.

• The War of the Worlds
• The Time Machine & Other Stories
• The Invisible Man
• The Island of Doctor Moreau
• First Men in the Moon

This handsome boxed set with graphic cover designs makes the perfect gift or collectable for science fiction lover.

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