The Children’s Secret

By Nina Monroe

In the vein of Big Little Lies, Nina Monroe’s suspense debut explores the dangerous side of suburbia.


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Nothing ever happens in a sleepy town like Middlebrook. Until the residents are shaken to their core, when one hot Saturday afternoon, at a back-to-school party, nine children sneak into a barn…and only eight come out unharmed.

The press immediately starts asking questions. What type of parents let their children play unsupervised in a house with guns? What kind of child pulls the trigger on their friend? And most importantly: of the nine children who were present in that barn, which one actually pulled the trigger, and why are the others staying silent?

Incredibly gripping and gorgeously written, this thought-provoking novel asks how much our children are capable of, and how far we will go to protect them.

Category: Genre: Fiction, Mystery & Sci-Fi sku: 9781643858753

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