The Beginner’s Crossword Dictionary Everything You Need to Know to Start Solving Crosswords with Confidence

By Stanley Newman

This is more than just a crossword dictionary: it helps beginners learn the most often-used words in crosswords (and their clues) and shows them how to avoid common tricks and traps.


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With this book, beginner crossword solvers can learn the ropes and quickly improve their puzzle skills. In addition to an alphabetical list of the most common crossword entries, based on an exhaustive analysis of published puzzle grids, it includes explanations of each answer with helpful details, a list of frequent clues, and tips on overcoming ploys to throw you off. (For instance, if you see the clue “Quarrel” and have most of the word filled in—S P A _—be careful before writing down that last letter, because the answer could be SPAR or SPAT.) Once you learn your crossword ABCs, you’ll complete the grids with confidence.

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