The Baby-Sitters Club Claudia and Mean Janine #7 Book 7 of The Baby-Sitters Club Series

By Ann M. Martin

Claudia’s sister is an impossible person to live with!



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Claudia’s sister is mean! She’s too busy being smart to be nice. Even Claudia’s grandmother Mimi can’t get close to Janine. Plus, Mean Janine puts down the Baby-sitters Club. And that makes Claudia MAD!

This summer the members of the Baby-sitters Club are starting a play group in the neighborhood. Claudia can’t wait for it to begin. But then Mimi has a stroke…and the whole summer changes.

Now Claudia has to spend her time “Mimi-sitting” instead of baby-sitting. And things with Janine are going from bad to worse. One of the Kishi sisters has to start being nicer. And it’s sure not going to be Claudia.

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