Sweets Push Pop Set of 3 Includes: Cupcake, Popsicle and Donut


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Push and pop away with this 3 Piece Sweets Push Pop Set from Fidget Fun! Featuring a rainbow Cupcake push pop, a rainbow Donut push pop, and a rainbow Popsicle push pop, this set will provide endless fun! Fidget toys are known to help develop fine motor skills by encouraging play with small objects, and they also help with stress relief and concentration in children and adults who have trouble focusing or who struggle with nervous energy. These sweet push pop fidget toys also make for super convenient, on-the-go fun; they’re lightweight and totally portable, so you can take them with you anywhere you go! No extra pieces, no heavy materials, just pure poppable fun, and the bright colorful designs are an added bonus! Plus, everything is easy to clean; just wash with soap and water and it’s ready to go again. Set includes Cupcake, Donut, and Popsicle. Suitable for children 3+.

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