Sweet Tooth Book 1

By Jeff Lemire


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The boy and the big man. Seven years ago, the Affliction raged like a forest fire, killing billions. The only children born since are part of a new breed of human-animal hybrids. Gus is one of these children: a boy with a sweet soul, a sweeter tooth-and the features of a deer.

But kids like Gus have a price on their heads. When vicious hunters descent on his isolated forest home, a mysterious and violent man called Jepperd rescues Gus. The hulking drifter promises to lead Gus to the Preserve, a fabled safe haven for hybrid children.

As the two cross this dangerous new American frontier, will Jepperd corrupt the boy he’s nicknamed “Sweet Tooth,” or will Gus’ heart change Jepperd?

Category: Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novels sku: 9781401276805

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