Super Jumbo Craft Sticks 45 Pack 7.75″ Long

By Horizon Group


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A classic craft staple, Go Create Super Jumbo Craft Sticks are versatile and ideal for tons of different arts and craft projects. Use all 45 tall craft sticks to create wooden signs, construct 3D sculptures or make cute picture frames! The natural wood is easy to glue and a durable choice for craft projects like birdhouses or unicorn castles! Decorate the nearly 8-inch surface with paint, markers, crayons and more—then embellish with gemstones, sequins, beads, and stickers to bring your creations to life. Extra-long craft sticks are great for larger arts & crafts, giving you even more durability and strength. What kind of creature can you create just by adding wiggly eyes or a pom ball nose?! From the classroom to the craft room, this essential is sure to come in handy!

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Weight 7.65 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in