Suffer the Children A Novel of Terror

By Craig DiLouie

A mysterious disease claims the world’s children before bringing them back. To continue surviving, however, they need to ingest human blood. As the blood supply wanes, parents struggle and compete to keep their children alive. In the end, the only source left will be each other. For them, the ultimate question will be: How far would you go for someone you love?


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So many mouths to feed. It begins on an ordinary day: children around the world are dying. All children, everywhere – a global crisis beyond any parent’s worst nightmare. Then, a miracle beyond imagining: three days later, they return. Shattered mothers and fathers see their sons and daughters happy and whole once more, playing and laughing as before – but only when they feed. They hunger for blood…and they can’t get enough upon which to feast. Without it, they die again. How far would you go to keep someone you love alive?

Category: Genre: Fiction, Mystery & Sci-Fi sku: 9781476739632

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